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The lists at each Clyde’s location, as well as the Old Ebbitt Grill, offer a very wide array of high-quality, strong-value wines carefully selected from regions around the globe. The foundation for the lists is set annually through the Clyde’s Restaurant Group Core Wine Program, established in 1999. Early in each calendar year, 61 wines are chosen from an initial submission of more than 2,250 candidates from local distributors, importers, and domestic wine producers.

Winning wines are selected from the thousands of entries by Michael Franz and Paul Lukacs, widely-published wine columnists, authors, consultants, and wine educators. The 61 wines comprising each year’s Core List are then chosen in a two-day, final-round tasting conducted by 40 of the most wine-knowledgeable members of the Clyde’s Group team, with each wine voted upon after being tasted “blindly” along with food. We know of no other restaurant company in North America that conducts a selection process as open, extensive, and rigorous as the Clyde’s Core Program.

Each Clyde’s property and the Old Ebbitt Grill augments these 61 wines with a particular set of bottles and by-the-glass selections suited to the flavors, textures, and courses emphasized by that restaurant’s executive chef. 1789 Restaurant features exceptional wines of the highest quality on a very carefully curated list that includes rare and large-format bottles, but also an extensive selection of more affordable choices and wines sold by the glass or half bottle.

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